October 21, 2002

East Meets West

I hosted a magical wedding on my roof top deck Saturday at sunset. A romantic pink sky, full moon, and seventeen people bursting with love. And we couldn't have had two more diverse families merging if we tried. The bride is Japanese and the groom is Virginian. The bride's guests were a gaggle of giggling Asian girls, and the groom's family is Southern Christian conservative, not much exposure to city living. The country folk were in complete culture shock, and after two days here, could not wait to get back home for a plate of hot grits and fried okra.

The groom also invited his very best friend from Virginia. (You should have known). I knew him in Va and always thought he was the cutest thing with his big brown eyes, great nostrils, perfect white, straight teeth, and plenty of tattoos. He always had a girlfriend, but lucky for me he hit the West side single. That's right, your darling ruler finally got some! After all, my dating strike doesn't begin until November. And Sunday morning was October. And a damn satisfying October morning I might add. It's been entirely too long since the USS Muff has had a qualified diver on board. It was obvious from the start that he enjoys what he does, and I'll testify that there's a lot to be said for loving what you do. Thanks a million snuggle buddy!

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