September 25, 2002


So I went out on a date with the guy from Missed Connections last night. We jumped in a cab and he says "Oh, here I brought you something". He reaches in his pocket and hands me this little Coleman pocket utensil device. I thanked him and asked him if he thought this was odd and he shook his head "No, not at all". Now had this guy not been adorable and an all out gentleman, this would have been just plain weird, but it came across as endearing to me. His reasoning was that flowers are common and since I had mentioned that I was going camping two weekends in a row, this would be useful. Any guy that's original enough to give me well intended flatware on a first date, is groovy in my book. By the way the independent film "No Early Birds" is hysterical. It's a documentary following two yard sale enthusiasts in Austin, Texas. These people are INSANE!

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