September 23, 2002

Missed Connection

So. A couple of Saturday's ago I went to the Odeon Bar with some friends to see Daniel Packard. He's a lot of fun, very audience participation style, I just wish they had given him more stage time. Anyway, there was this cute boy sitting across the room. Did you think you were going to read a story from me that didn't involve a man? So he smiles at me, and I give him the 'Reese wink', and he smiles again. I couldn't really approach him because of the show going on, but I wrote my number on a comment card to give to him on the way out, but as we were leaving he was talking to a girl sitting at his table, and although I am comfortable approaching boys, I don't want to be rude to girls, so I left without making my move. The following Monday my friend asked me for The Weekend Boy Report and I told her that I didn't go on any dates but I mentioned the cutie at the Odeon. She suggested I place an ad on Craigslist's Missed Connections. He didn't look like the "I search missed connections in the hopes that someone saw me but was too awkward to approach me" type, and by that I mean that I usually picture PC slaves like myself, bored at work all day desperately searching for amusement from the black hole of information that is internet, and this guy did not fit that bill, but low and behold a couple of days later I got a response. We're going out on Tuesday.

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