September 10, 2002


Sunday morning I went down the coast to Half Moon Bay with my fun co-worker and we worked on an art project. We draped fabric along the rocks on the beach and he then incorporated the pictures into paintings. (Link to pix to follow) We saw 4 things that made us laugh like five year-olds. The first was while waiting in traffic, we saw a boy float above a privacy fence across the street. He was jumping on a trampoline and it was a riot seeing his little head pop over the fence, boing, boing, boing. Later on we were eating lunch at on the outside deck of this cute little restaurant, next to a garden that lead down to the bay, and we heard the sound of water running. I stand up and see what looks like a man taking a leak in the bushes. When leaned in to get a better look (oh you would too) he was actually watering the lawn with a garden hose. Couldn't have been staged better. Next we noticed the woman sitting behind us was most comfortable in purple. Purple hair band, purple eye glasses, purple sweater, purple back pack, and purple leather sneakers. I'm guessing she also has an affinity with Barney. And the most appalling thing that had us falling out of our chair, was a woman who was dining inside the restaurant, who decided that she need to floss right after her meal. At the table. With one of those flossing picks. In plain view of other people still eating. Some days everything just hits your funny bone.

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